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Office & Study Garage Conversions in Sunthorpe & Grimsby

Why Choose an Office Garage Conversion or Study? 

There are plenty of reasons to choose an office garage conversion or study for your new office space, and one of them is that you have so much room to play with. Sometimes, a spacious office is just what you need to be able to really focus and get things done. Not to mention that you might need additional storage for essential work documents, or even stock if you open up your own business. 

There is a lot of flexibility with regards to how you can use the space. You could do a full conversion that utilises the entire garage. You could also put up a partition and use ⅔ for an office and the remaining ⅓ as a storage area. It offers much more flexibility and means that you can use the space in a way that suits you best. 

It provides you with a quiet area that is separate from the rest of the home. Unlike an under stairs office conversion, the space is entirely yours and allows you to cut the rest of your household out. This is especially useful if you have kids that like to come and say hello when you are working. With a garage conversion, you get the option to close the door and work. 

Do You Need Planning Permission?

No, you do not need planning permission for a garage office conversion or an under stair office or garage conversion office. However, there are restrictions in place. You can only make internal changes, which is all you should be doing for an office conversion. Any external changes will need planning permission, and you cannot make the structure any larger either. You can add insulation and any other internal features like electrics and plumbing. 


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Office Garage Conversions

An office garage conversion or study is quite a popular choice because of how easy they are to undertake. There is so much space and flexibility available that it’ easy to see why so many homeowners choose this path. It’s a great way to make use of existing space that is just going unused and neglected. 

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If you are looking for Garage Study Conversions in Scunthorpe, Grimsby Brigg, we are just the people for you. At High and Dry Renovations, all we want is to see you in a space that brings you joy and convenience. A home office is an important area, especially when you are trying to focus, so get in touch and see how we can help you create your own working area in your garage. 

After a very enthusiastic visit from James to get a quote for a loft conversion we were in no doubt that he was the man for the job. His team came and conquered!! The 5-6 week estimated completion was reduced… Sarah Fisher
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