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Dormer Loft Conversions In Scunthorpe, Brigg & Grimsby

There are many types of Loft Conversions to choose from depending on the style of your home. If you’re considering a dormer loft conversion for your home, then you needn’t look any further than the talented team here at High & Dry.

With years of experience in executing the finest Dormer conversions throughout Scunthorpe, Brigg and Grimsby, we have the skills and expertise to create practical and stylish additional rooms for your home.

Dormer conversions project vertically from the house’s original roof, creating a box-like shape. This is ideal for when you need extra headroom, perhaps if you’re converting your loft room into a bathroom or additional bedroom.  This type of loft conversion is also ideal for aa home office as it out of the way and can give you a beautiful view to look out form whilst working.


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Dormer Conversions

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High & Dry Renovations are one of the leading building work specialists in Lincolnshire.

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Double Dormer Loft Conversion

You can either have a single or double dormer conversion depending on the size of the project. The “double” can look very impressive and allow for a lot more space in the loft. Whereas the single version is ideal for smaller projects. One of the main benefits of a Dormer conversion is that, in most instances, you won’t need any planning permission when having a dormer loft conversion due to this type of extension falling into your permitted planning rights. This in turn means that the project can normally start and get finished a lot quicker as you don’t need to wait for the “go ahead”.

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After a very enthusiastic visit from James to get a quote for a loft conversion we were in no doubt that he was the man for the job. His team came and conquered!! The 5-6 week estimated completion was reduced… Sarah Fisher
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