The barn conversion is the very definition of the countryside idyll. There are so many dream homes that have a barn conversion at the very centre of them and making them a reality can seem like an unreachable goal. However, if you are thinking of tackling this project and transforming an unwanted barn into a home, there are a few things you need to do first. 

What is a Barn Conversion? 

Usually, the barn is old and no longer in use. Sometimes, it is in good condition and other times it needs a lot of love and repair. Either way, you will normally need to be a good deal of work into it to get it running, liveable, and up to standard. The appealing thing is that the barns themselves are usually relatively inexpensive to buy, making them good renovation projects. You just have to watch out for the actual conversion costs. 


Why are Barn Conversions so Popular? 

The main thing is that they are unique. What’s more eye-catching than a gorgeous converted barn in a rural location? They give you access to rural settings that you would never be able to get planning permission on, opening up space for a home that you can customise to fit your vision. They offer loads of space and the scope for traditional and contemporary themes alike. BArn Conversion Interior

If you look at the best barn conversions out there, you will notice that the really impressive ones create modern appeal while also retaining the look and feel of the traditional pieces. It’s a dramatic contrast and one that works so well to really capture the essence of what a barn conversion is truly about. This also means that you have a few things to think about first. 

How to Find a Barn Conversion for Sale

If you’re looking for Barn Conversions  Scunthorpe, Brigg & Grimsby, the best place to be is your local estate agents or websites that have houses for sale. They are actually quite easy to find, although you may need to have a little patience if there is something specific you are looking for. You can also try sales websites that are dedicated to barn conversion sales. 


How Much Does a Barn Conversion Cost? 

If you’re looking for ballpark figures, this is not an easy thing to estimate. The reason for this is that barn conversions vary so much in terms of size and the amount of work that is needed. Therefore, what one person spends is not likely to apply to you. However, it’s good to know that they cost buyers more per square metre than new builds. So prepare to spend a fair amount. 


A lot of it depends on what you need to do to the barn conversion before you can live in it. Have you bought a completely derelict building in need of total repair, or are you just touching up an existing conversion? These are vastly different forms of work, and so the price is going to vary a lot. As a handy note, private individuals can claim the VAT back on the work carried out and make sure you get a reputable builder

Things to Consider for Your Barn Conversion

So, what are the kinds of things you need to think about when you are planning your barn conversion? Here’s a quick list for you to get started:

  • Access. Does it have good access to the road, or will you need to build this? 
  • Location. Is it close to a working farm? Do the odours detract from the property? Is it near industrial buildings? Are you able to make the view more attractive?
  • Utilities. Is the barn already being serviced or will you need to have everything installed from scratch? 
  • Neighbours. Is it a standalone barn, or are there neighbours with shared areas in a complex? 
  • Amenities. Are you close to pubs and shops, and if not is there decent public transport that can get you there and back regularly? 
  • Light. How can you use natural light to enhance the building? If you have high ceilings, how will you tackle lighting issues? 
  • Features. People buy barn conversions because they want to see the original features. How will you emphasise them?


Do You Need Planning Permission for a Barn Conversion? 

Generally speaking, no you do not need full planning permission for a barn conversion. This was due to changes by the planning commission in 2014. This lack of a need for full planning doesn’t mean you can just get started though, you will need to jump through a few hoops and get in touch with the planning office to discuss what you want to do to your new conversion. Barn Conversion Grimsby  


You have to be careful because if your barn conversion is classed as a re-build by the local planning authority, then you will need to apply for full planning and go through the process. A simple conversion, however, is smooth sailing. Either way, this is why it is important to get in touch with the proper authorities first to confirm things. 


How to Get Building Regulations for a Barn Conversion? 

There are three routes you can take to achieve this, and each of them is vital to remember and use when you can. 

  1. Have your builder (or you) give the council a building notice. This makes things quicker, but you may also be asked to change aspects of your design as you work. There is also less scope for appealing decisions. 
  2. Send a full plan application to the council. This is more detailed than planning and drawing, and it can be sent to them before the work starts. Once submitted, decisions take between 5 and 8 weeks. Inspections will be made on site after approval. 
  3. Use an approved inspector. This is a private individual or organisation that has been hired by you to check and ensure that your project complies with building regulations. They will work with the local council, support you, and help you through any difficulties. 


To Conclude 

A barn conversion is a big commitment, but they are worth every moment when you are finished. When you are planning your project, just remember to keep all of this important advice in mind so that you can have as smooth an experience as possible. We’re sure that the finished result will look absolutely spectacular. so if you are looking for a barn conversion in Grimsby Scunthorpe, or Brigg give us a call or contact us here for a FREE quotation.