There are many great reasons to invest in a loft conversion when you want to add space and value to your home. A loft conversion can give you the room you need for your growing family without having to move house, something which can be a stressful and expensive process. There are many benefits to investing in loft conversions in Scunthorpe and Grimsby. However, it’s important to do your research before your project gets underway so that you don’t find yourself regretting your decision further down the line. If you’re wondering ‘what are the biggest mistakes to make when getting a loft conversion?’, read on.  

What are the biggest mistakes to make when getting a loft conversion?

What to avoid when planning a loft conversion  

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One of the biggest mistakes many people make when they’re planning a loft conversion is failing to get a specialist on board. Since this work can be incredibly complex and often requires a great deal of planning, it’s very wise to hire a loft conversion company to help you. A loft conversion is a specialist project, and it can be extremely challenging to get it right if you don’t have sufficient experience in this area. It’s vital to avoid using a builder with little experience since this can lead to shoddy or unsafe work being carried out.   

Not connecting with your contractor  

It’s vital to find a contractor that you have a good rapport with that you find easy to talk to. The contractor or contractors could be working in your home for several months. Things could become very uncomfortable if you don’t get along with your contractor and are unhappy with something. Using a contractor that you’re comfortable with also gives you a better chance of the end result resembling what you had in mind initially.  

Not listening to contractor suggestions  

An experienced loft conversion designer will be able to make the most of your space and natural light. If you don’t take their suggestions on board, you may be left with a space that you’re not happy with. Never dismiss any suggestions made by your loft conversion specialist without giving them sufficient consideration.  

Not installing an efficient heating system  

It should be relatively simple to connect your loft heating to your central heating system. However, systems often need upgrading if you are to experience true efficiency, comfort and warmth. If your loft designer specialist suggests a heating system upgrade and you can afford this, it’s definitely worth proceeding. If you don’t opt for an upgrade when you need one, your radiators may feel to reach the required temperatures, and you may have issues with water pressure if you add an en-suite to your space.  

Not considering storage 

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Loft conversions are often used for storage. However, if you don’t invest in the right storage solutions such as cupboards and wardrobes, your new space could simply become cluttered, leaving you with little space to unwind or relax. Even after a clear-out, you may still have many items left over that you’re not quite ready to part with. Investing in quality storage will ensure you have somewhere to place your items and still have a new area to work, rest and play in.  

Failing to invest in soundproofing 

Many people have their lofts converted because they need somewhere to retreat to when they require valuable peace and quiet. However, if you don’t install quality soundproofing, noise from elsewhere can easily seep into your new space. Additionally, any noise that you make whilst using your loft may still be highly audible to others.  

Designing their layout poorly  

It’s vital to think carefully about the layout of your loft when you are converting it. Make sure you have easy access to all the plug sockets that you need. Ensure you make the most of your roof and wall space to prevent the area from feeling cluttered. Lofts tend to have minimal headroom, so it’s definitely worth spending time carefully planning the layout.  

Not getting planning permission  

Although you don’t normally need planning permission to convert your loft, it’s always best to check. This will help you can avoid tough penalties. It’s essential to comply with building regulations. Contact your local authority before you go ahead and start making changes to your loft space. You could be fined if you proceed without permission.  

Failing to inform neighbours  

The Party Wall Act means you are obliged to let your neighbours know if you are considering home improvements. Your neighbours may try to put a stop to the extension. They may also demand that building work only occurs between certain times of the day. If you don’t inform your neighbours about your plans, you may face delays once they find out about them.  

By planning loft conversions in Grimsby and Scunthorpe carefully, ensuring you’ll have enough storage space, choosing an experienced specialist contractor, upgrading your heating systems, complying with legislation, letting your neighbours know about your plans, listening to your contractor’s advice and investing in soundproofing solutions, you can create a loft conversion to be proud of.  

Who can help me with my conversion? 

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