Have you been advised to carry out rendering? If so, you might be wondering why you should do this. Rendering not only improves the aesthetics of your home’s exterior but protects it too. Read on to find out more.

What is rendering?Rendering in Scunthorpe

Rendering is a type of exterior cladding that’s frequently added to buildings to provide a smooth or textured finish. Ranging from stucco on Georgian townhouses to the pebble-dash of the post-war era, there are many forms of rendering available. Cement, plaster and silicone renders provide different looks, making them suitable for various kinds of properties. Whilst rendering is similar to plastering, it differs in that rendering is designed for external use whereas plaster is intended for internal applications. 

What are the benefits of rendering? 

If you’re keen to add exterior cladding to your property, you may be keen to find out what are the benefits of rendering. Keep reading to learn why you should consider applying render to your home.  

Improve the appearance of your property

When the render is professionally applied to the exterior of a property, it can drastically improve its appearance. Available in a wide range of materials and coloured pigments, render allows you to get the look you really want for your home. Various finishes and effects can be achieved with render. Rendering can make even the most run-down property appear well looked after. 

There’s certainly a notable difference between a building that’s been freshly rendered and one that requires a new layer of render. You can expect rendering to boost your property’s kerb appeal significantly. This is something to keep in mind if you plan on selling your home at some point in the future and want to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Make external walls more durable 

Rendering does far more than simply improve your home’s appearance. This type of cladding can also make its external walls more durable due to its impressive strengthening properties. Rendering can protect the surface from harsh external elements and keep water out. It creates a strong waterproof finish that rain or damp can’t penetrate through, whatever the condition of the existing brickwork. Applying base coats before rendering can help to make the walls more flexible, reducing the chances of cracks occurring.   

Improve fire resistance 

Rendering can increase the fire resistance of your property. Whilst no one likes to think about the prospect of their home burning down, it’s good to know that if the worst should happen, your render will help to slow the spread of the fire. You will have more time to vacate the building safely before it’s able to really take hold. Keep in mind that some types of render are more fire-resistant than others. Concrete render is one of the best options since this material has such a high level of fire resistance. 

Lower your energy bills 

With energy prices still high, it’s worth noting that external rendering can help to make your home more thermally efficient. When implemented as part of an External Wall Insulation (EWI) system, rendering can help to insulate the building, keeping warm air inside and preventing cold air from getting in. By making it less likely that you’ll crank up your thermostat once the winter chill sets in, you’ll reduce your energy bills, saving you money. 

Choose a reputable building company for rendering 

Keep in mind that to enjoy these benefits of rendering, the work should be performed by a reputable building company with plenty of experience at hand. Choose a firm with a proven history of applying render to the highest standards. Ask to see recent projects from a company so that you can see what kind of results you can expect. 

We don’t advise carrying out rendering yourself. Whilst it’s possible, it’s very much a specialist job and achieving a flawless finish could be difficult. By hiring a professional, you will get the finish you want along with peace of mind that it will stay looking its best for as long as possible.

Rendering in Grimsby

Rendering in Scunthorpe 

At High & Dry, many customers ask us “What are the benefits of rendering?”. We always tell them that as well as improving the appearance of a property’s exterior, it can also add valuable protection against harsh external elements. If you require rendering in Scunthorpe or elsewhere in the Lincolnshire region, we can assist. Our team have a great deal of experience in carrying out this cladding technique, using the best, most effective methods to achieve exceptional results time and time again. 

High & Dry has carried out building work on hundreds of local properties over the years, building a fantastic reputation for our professional and affordable services. We provide the highest standard of workmanship every time. 

Monocouche home rendering 

At High & Dry, we carry out state-of-the-art monocouche home rendering. The product we use is called Weberpral M and is available in as many as 24 different colours. This provides you with plenty of choices when seeking the perfect shade for your home’s exterior. Whether you want a subtle yet elegant cream or a bold blue to help your property stand out from the crowd, we have you covered. 

We use a spray machine to apply rendering to your home, allowing us to achieve high-quality results quickly. This means you won’t need to wait too long for us to complete the work.

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