Many homeowners have benefitted from house extensions in Brigg, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, and Gainsborough. Investing in a house extension is a decision few people go on to regret. Do you want to create more space for work and play, add value to your home, or make it more appealing to potential buyers? A home extension from the right builders can help you achieve the right results.

Create more space within your home with an extension House Extension Grimsby

Cramped homes can cause a great deal of stress, with people feeling as if they’re living on top of each other. Your extension can be a wonderful place to unwind at the end of a long day and act as somewhere cosy to sneak off to when you need some time alone. More space within your home can allow everyone to enjoy different activities without disrupting others and causing potential arguments. Your extension can be designed with the need of your whole family in mind. 

It’s common for families to extend their homes when their kids get older and more space is needed. Perhaps it’s no longer appropriate for your children to share bedrooms but moving house isn’t an option? If so, a house extension could be the right move. House extensions can transform your property for the better. Whether you’re catering for a growing family or live alone, we are here to help.

Avoid the cost and hassle of moving house

A house extension is usually very preferable to moving house. Moving home can be very costly, as well as time-consuming. If you and your family are settled in your area and have no wish to leave it, an extension can help you create the space you need. This means you don’t have to relocate to a bigger home. You’ll be able to avoid the stress and strain of house-hunting and won’t have to worry about deals falling through. You’ll also be able to avoid the various challenges that come with putting your home on the market. These can include getting the asking price you want, choosing a suitable agent, and finding a buyer.

Tailor your home to your needs

Making changes to your home can also be very exciting. An extension project will give you the chance to be truly creative and build something that speaks volumes about your personality. You can incorporate a whole host of modern facilities into your extension and make the most of the latest technologies. You can also work with your family members to ensure the end result is something everyone is happy with. 

Enhance the value of your home 

The more impressive your extension is, the more value it will add to your home. Create something incredibly beautiful that serves a host of needs and your home will be more appealing to would-be buyers should you wish to sell it in future. 

The extension will increase the square footage of your home, which is another reason why it will enhance its value so considerably. You can get a rough idea of how much value your extension will add by visiting the Office for National Statistics website. This is home to a tool that lets you input your postcode and the size of your extension to see how much value it could generate.

Choose the right home improvements team

Home Extension in ScunthorpeA house extension is more likely to add big value to your home if it is been designed and built to the highest standards. Evidence of poor workmanship can result in value only rising modestly. This is why it’s so important to use experienced and trustworthy architects and builders with a great track record. If the extension is of such poor quality that repairs are needed, you may get much less for your home than you’d like.

More reasons to remain in your home

Rising house prices mean that more homeowners are now transforming their existing properties rather than moving on. One of the most common reasons for moving home is needing more space, which an extension can address. The money you have saved by not relocating can be used to decorate your extension. 

Even if you want to move home, the rest of your family may not feel the same way. Children may be happy and settled at their local school, or your partner may be perfectly happy where they are. Maybe you have grown tired of your current abode? Breathing new life into your existing property can be the perfect compromise if others wish to remain.

You may not need planning permission

Another great reason for extending your home is that you probably won’t need planning permission to complete your project. Most extensions are regarded as ‘permitted developments’. This means you won’t need to ask your local authority for permission as long as you don’t live in a ‘designated area’. Even if you are in one of these areas, you may be able to go ahead if you meet certain criteria. Examples of these criteria include the extension not taking up more than half of the land your home stands on. The top of the extension must not be higher than your current roof and so on.

Create your perfect extension

It’s possible to ensure every aspect of your extension appeals to your taste. The freedom you’ll enjoy when designing an extension will including choosing your own windows, doors and so on. Architects can work closely alongside you to make your vision a reality. They can let you know what is and isn’t practical. They’ll also help you source the right resources for your needs and budget. You can also ask them to make amendments until you are totally happy with the plans.

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