If you’re looking to create more living space, you might be wondering “Is it worth putting an extension on my house?”. This is a common question asked by homeowners across the UK. Read on to find out why extending your property is well worth considering. 

The many benefits of a home extension

Extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years. With many people preferring this option to moving house when looking to gain more space in their homes. A home extension can also increase the value of a property when carried out to the highest standards by a team of experienced builders. Keep reading to find out why the answer to “Is it worth putting an extension on my house?” is a resounding yes.

Create more space within your home What are the planning and building regulations?

If your home has become cramped and you feel as if everyone is living on top of each other, it’s no surprise you’re considering an extension. Cramped homes can cause a lot of stress and anxiety and can even lead to arguments between family members. By extending your home, you can create the extra space you need in your property. 

Whether you require an extra bedroom, another living area, an office or a place for the kids to play without disrupting everyone else, an extension is an ideal option. The space can be designed with your exact needs in mind. Many families start to need more space in their homes at some point. Particularly once children get older. Plus, with more people working remotely, more of us are looking to transform part of our homes into offices. Where we can work without distractions. 

Avoid the hassle and cost of relocating

If you need more living space, you might be considering moving house in order to get it. However, doing so has a multitude of downsides. Relocating can be extremely difficult for your whole family. Not only will you face various challenges involved with buying and selling property, but you may also need to uproot your family. Potentially taking your children out of their schools if you move some distance away. Not only is moving house a stressful process but it can also be hugely expensive too. Especially when you factor in all the extra costs. As well as actually paying to buy a new house, you’ll also need to stump up for solicitors’ fees, removal services and stamp duty. It’s usually much more cost-efficient to add an extension to your home.

Increase the value of your home

Adding an extension to your home has the potential to increase its value significantly. How much it can add to its value can vary considerably. With the size, style and complexity of the structure as well as the location of the property needing to be taken into account. In the UK, a typical three-bedroom house with an extension used to create a double bedroom with an en-suite can add as much as 10-12% to a property’s value. Adding a bedroom and bathroom tends to add the most value. 

Even though you can expect to pay out between £30,000 to £48,000 for a 30 square metre single-storey extension, you can expect to see this cost reflected in your property’s higher value. Keep in mind that an extension is only like to increase your home’s worth if it’s carried out to a high standard. With this in mind, it makes sense to hire a reputable company with a proven track record in the industry. 

House Extension Grimsby

Planning permission may not be required

Some people are deterred from embarking on a house extension as they think they’ll need to obtain planning permission. However, planning permission isn’t normally required for this type of building work. Most extensions are classed as “permitted developments”. Which means you probably won’t need to ask your local council for permission. 

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. You’ll need planning permission if the extension will be more than half the area of land around the house, it is forward of the principal elevation or side elevation onto a highway, it is higher than the highest part of the roof or the maximum height of a single-storey rear extension is higher than four metres. If you’re not sure if your extension will require planning permission, speak to our team who will be able to provide guidance. 

House extensions in Grimsby

To get the extension of your dreams, make sure you hire a reputable building company with a great reputation. For house extensions in Grimsby, look no further than High & Dry Renovations. We have carried out all types of extensions over the years. Ranging from single and double-storey extensions to rear, wraparound and dormer extensions. Our team are highly experienced and possesses all the skills and knowledge needed to carry out work to the highest possible standards. We always use the best quality materials and methods to ensure an exceptional finish for your new extension.

If you know you want more space in your home but aren’t sure what type of extension you want or would be most appropriate for your property, talk to our team. We can discuss your options with you. Providing you with the expert advice that you need. 

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