If you have a loft conversion, you can expect this to be the first part of your property to feel the chill. People often have their lofts converted so they can spend time working, relaxing or socialising in them. Which means it’s very important to win the battle against plummeting temperatures if you want to make the most of yours during the colder months of the year. Thankfully, there are several simple steps that you can take to keep your loft conversion warm without making big changes to it or investing large sums of money into it. Read on to find out how to keep your loft warm during winter.

What can I do to keep my loft warm during the colder months?

One of the most effective steps you can take if you need to keep your loft warm during the colder months of the year is to invest in insulation. It’s always best to do this during the conversion process itself if you can. Although you can do it after your loft has been converted. A loft conversion company can provide you with detailed advice on insulating your loft and let you know which materials are best for the job. They can also help you comply with building regulations. If you’re still in the process of converting your loft, you will need to meet current building regulations which say your conversion needs to meet a specific u-value level. U-values tell you how effective materials are when it comes to insulation.

Install radiators

Another effective step that you can take when you need to keep a loft warm during the winter is to install radiators. There are many modern, energy-efficient radiators on the market these days that can help you reduce the cost of heating your loft whilst helping you meet your style requirements. Today’s radiators also tend to be smaller than their older counterparts. Which means they will take up less valuable space. If your loft conversion also has a bathroom incorporated into it, you could invest in towel rails to heat up your space.

Underfloor heatingCan you still have a loft conversion in the winter?

Underfloor heating can also be highly effective when it comes to heating up your loft space. However, it may be a little more expensive than some of your other options. But it does a great job in terms of distributing heat around your space. Another reason why underfloor heating has become so popular is that it won’t take up any space within your room as it is installed under your floorboards. This makes it perfect for anyone seeking an ‘invisible’ form of heating.

Dress your loft windows

A great deal of heat is lost through the windows in your loft. A great way to keep heat trapped in your loft is to add certain window dressings that will help you achieve this. Blinds are ideal for those seeking more control over light and heat. Automated blinds have become very popular over recent years as they enable you to control which times your blinds open and close.

New windows

Triple-glazed windows are becoming increasingly popular amongst loft conversion owners as they are highly effective at minimising heat loss. It’s wise to install windows where they’ll be able to capture as much natural light as possible so they can heat your loft economically. Thick curtains can be highly effective when it comes to insulation too.

Portable heaters

You may also wish to consider investing in portable heaters if you’ve been wondering how to keep your loft warm during the winter. Portable heaters are normally more suited to people with smaller lofts. As they don’t tend to be as effective when it comes to heating up larger spaces. Remember to keep portable heaters away from kids, pets or any flammable items. Another benefit of using portable heaters is that they are totally separate from your central heating. This means you don’t have to worry about wasting money on heating rooms that you’re not using. Using portable heating also helps you avoid additional installation costs.

What kinds of insulation are available?

Blanket insulation is an affordable, all-purpose type of insulation that is simple to install. Whilst sheet insulation will cost you more but is highly efficient. Loose-fill insulation can be used alongside another form of insulation to give you more protection from the cold. Also, blown-fibre insulation is useful for insulating parts of your loft that are tough to reach.

loft conversions in ScunthorpeWhat else can I use to keep warm in my loft this winter?

There are several small, affordable items that you can use to keep yourself warm in your loft this winter. These include throws, rugs, cushions and blankets. Even if you have already taken steps to insulate your loft, these can complement the changes you have made very well and help you cut your bills even further.

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