Many of us are working from home at the moment, and whether you are looking at keeping it that way or eager to get back to work, we all need a space where we can complete our tasks. That’s where the home office comes in, and it’s the perfect place to get all your work done. But the question remains, how easy is it to carry out, where do you put it, and why bother in the first place? All valid questions and each of them will be answered in this handy guide. 

Why Create a Home Office? 

What’s more tempting than sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and your work? Netflix in the background, a good supply of snacks – it will turn into a week-long binge before you even realise what is happening. The simple truth is that most people can’t focus on their work when they are surrounded by potential distractions. 

The thing is, home offices don’t need to be expensive. You don’t need much to create a space where you can focus and be productive. In fact, here’s a list of everything that’s essential for your home office space:

  • Desk 
  • Chair (make sure it is comfy)
  • Stationery (pens, paper, stapler etc.)
  • Work computer/papers 
  • Headphones (for meetings and blocking out sound)

This doesn’t cost much at all, and the desk and chair can be found at bargain prices or even bought second hand. IKEA is a great example of affordable office furniture that looks great. The important thing is that the chair is comfortable and supports you back, preventing spinal pain and helping you stay relaxed while you work. 


The Office Under the Stairs 


It’s amazing what you can do with small spaces, and an office under the stairs can work surprisingly well. Peaceful, secluded, and free from distraction. Not to mention it looks great and works for open under stair spaces as well as cupboards.

For the former, you can create a minimalist and open space, placing the desk under the alcove so that you are looking at the stairs when you are in the chair. You can even build cupboards and storage into the slope of the staircase if you are feeling creative. Even if you pick a floating desk, make sure it is functional, with drawers for storage as an example of a handy addition. 

If you are constructing your home office inside a cupboard under the stairs, you can consider removing the door to open up space further. If this is not an option, be smart with the way you use the area. Keep furniture small, yet spacious enough for you to work effectively. Make use of the walls and any shelving, and keep it well-lit to prevent train to your eyes. Office areas under the stairs are perfect for keeping things compact and simple.

Take advantage of the wall space no matter which type of under stair office you decide to go for. Install minimalist shelves, use corkboards and whiteboards, and just make the most of the area you have in a way that keeps you organised and boosts your feelings of productivity and motivation. The best part is, this home office will take less than a day to be fully operational. 


The Garage Conversion Office 

A garage office conversion is a great place to set up your little work haven. All it needs is a little cleaning and the addition of the essentials that we listed earlier. So, how do you get your garage ready for working in? It’s quite simple. 

First, you’re going to need to tidy the space up. You only need part of the garage, so if you have a lot of stuff in there, just focus on one section that you want to turn into your work zone. Once you have cleaned the floor and surrounding area, you might want to put a rug or some old carpet down to make the floor a little warmer and just give it a nicer atmosphere. 

If you’re feeling it, you can paint the walls and the ceiling, but this isn’t essential. You can also cover the walls with work calendars, boards, and important papers if you want to spruce things up. You may also need a heating/cooling unit if it doesn’t get much ventilation. If your garage has no electrics and you don’t fancy installing them, pick up a long extension cord with multiple sockets for all of your devices. 

Keep the garage well-lit for the sake of your eyes, and choose furniture that is comfortable and spacious enough for you to work on. If you want the garage to become a more permanent office solution, you can carry out further works like adding insulation, installing electrics, and removing/covering any garage features that are considered unsightly. However, for a temp space, you should be fine with a partition (a screen) and a rug for your feet. 


The Outdoor / Garden Office

No, Outdoor Offices aren’t just a picnic table in the sun in your garden (although that’s definitely a good way to take a break). Instead, they are buildings of their own that are constructed in your garden – much like a glamorous shed or a summer house. They have electricity installed for your convenience and a stylish appearance that screams business. 


It doesn’t just give you a home office, it gives you a whole separate area to work in so that you feel as though you are at work instead of home. It’s the most expensive option, but it offers all the comfort of a standard office and is worth investing in if you want to make your work from home a more permanent choice. Plus, once everything is back to normal it makes a great place for meetings with customers. 

To Conclude 

Creating a home office is not hard, and it doesn’t need to cost much either. It is a great move if you want to be more productive while you are away from the office, and could be just what you need to make the jump and work from home full time. If you decide to give your home office a professional touch, we’re the best for the job. So if you are looking for an understair office or study, office garage conversion, or outdoor office in the Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Brigg, we’ll make your home office dreams a reality.