If you want to convert your loft to create much-needed space in your home, you might be wondering “Can you still have a loft conversion in the winter?” This is a common concern, with many people unsure if the rain, ice, and snow will put a stop to their plans. Fortunately, you can still convert your loft at this time of year. An experienced loft conversion company can ensure that work is carried out to a high standard, whatever the weather. Read on to find out more about winter loft conversions. 

What to consider for a winter loft conversion

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The winter weather can make work more challenging than it would be in the spring or summer. However, it doesn’t have to put a stop to your loft conversion. A good loft conversion company will be able to adapt to the conditions and complete the work in the best way possible. You may also find that you have more chance of booking a loft conversion in winter since this is a quieter time for companies. You’ll have more choice regarding a start date, giving you greater flexibility. Whilst you shouldn’t let the time of year put you off getting a loft conversion, there are some things you’ll need to consider to ensure your project goes smoothly. 

The elements

Naturally, the biggest concern when planning a loft conversion in winter is the elements. The Great British Weather is famously unpredictable, so whilst one day it may be bright and sunny, the next it could be snowing. The good news is that loft conversion firms with lots of experience will know how to get around this obstacle, using tricks and techniques they’ve learned over the years to get the job done to a high standard despite the weather. Some companies will be able to adapt their work schedules to accommodate the weather in many cases, allowing them to avoid working in particularly inclement conditions.  


When considering “Can you still have a loft conversion in the winter?”, you may be wondering about heating. Heat loss is something that many people worry about when planning a loft conversion in winter. Since part of your property will be exposed to the elements whilst construction work is being carried out, this is a natural concern. However, this is rarely a problem since most loft conversion companies will seal the structure before doing any exterior work. This prevents much of the heat from escaping. 

What’s more is that once your loft conversion is complete, you can expect your home to be much warmer. This is because your loft will be far better insulated than before. The most common way to insulate a loft is with rolls of rock, glass, or mineral fibre or foil-backed felt. All of these insulative materials keep heat in and the cold out, keeping your home warmer and more comfortable. Of course, this also means that you can cut your energy bills significantly, saving you money all year round. 


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The shorter days and bad weather mean that a winter loft conversion may take longer than at other times of the year. Less daylight and builders being forced to pause work due to rain or snow mean that a conversion that might take four weeks in summer could take double this in winter. However, as long as you’re prepared for potential delays, this shouldn’t be a problem. As we previously mentioned, any good loft conversion couple will be able to adapt their work so that timescales are affected too much. Talk to your loft conversion company about when you need or expect the work completing by.  

Hire an experienced loft conversion company 

Take care when choosing a company to carry out your loft conversion. Converting a loft in winter can be a lot more challenging than at other times of the year. The job often requires a lot more knowledge and expertise. So, try to choose a firm that has plenty of experience in converting lofts during the winter months. Ask for at least two or three references and request to see photos of their work. You should also check various online reviews. This will provide you with reassurance that you’re dealing with a team of competent contractors. Choose a company that’s a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. This will ensure that you’re working with skilled tradespeople you can trust. 

Loft conversions in Scunthorpe and Grimsby 

If you’re looking for professional loft conversions in Scunthorpe and Grimsby, let us assist. High & Dry Renovations has been converting lofts across the region for over 30 years, building up a fantastic reputation. With a wealth of skill, knowledge, and expertise at hand, you can rely on us to handle every aspect of your loft conversion. We’ll manage everything from the initial design stages to all the electrical and gas work. At High & Dry, we’ve carried out many loft conversions in winter, using all our experience to ensure that the quality of the work isn’t compromised due to the weather. You can expect your loft conversion to meet your needs and high expectations. 

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