High and Dry enhance community vet practice

At High and Dry Renovations, we are proud to have helped Old Courts Veterinary Centre renovate its premises. Although owners Mark and Katherine were happy that the centre was fit for purpose, they wished to enhance it even further to give their clients the best local vet centre possible. Our builders in Brigg, Scunthorpe, and Grimsby have vast experience in modernising commercial premises such as Old Courts.

A more colourful, less clinical space

The restoration consisted of three months’ work. As part of the process, we were asked to rethink the old reception and waiting room to make it less ‘clinical’ and more colourful. Now that the work is complete, clients and their pets now have access to a modern, upmarket space to spend time in whilst they wait to see their vet. Before the work took place, the centre only had two consultation rooms, which meant staff and clients had very little space to manoeuvre. These have now been replaced with four stylish, brightly-coloured spaces which have helped space seem much less clinical and far more welcoming. Many clients have complimented the team on the changes, remarking that the centre now feels much more open and friendly.

A range of modern facilities

The clinical areas are now home to brand new piped oxygen outlets alongside a modern dental table and other facilities. A new theatre has been added to the premises and plays host to some of the finest theatre lighting facilities available to the team. Another new key feature is the BioClad system, which sees bacteria and viruses killed off within just two hours of contact. The centre is also home to brand new LED lighting, first-class heating facilities and an innovative new Ultrasound team to help that staff deal with more complex diagnostic challenges. The staff room has also seen several transformations. These have resulted in greater employee morale and ensure the team are better catered for than ever before.

Staying safe at Old Courts

Since lockdown was eased, clients and pets have been welcomed back to the surgery for consultation. Social distancing measures are in place, and guidance is available to help clients to comply with these. Instructions are provided as soon as clients enter the practise, with clients asked to wear face masks during their visit. Over recent years, the practice has grown remarkably. The initial husband-and-wife team has expanded to an army of vets, nurses and receptionists.

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