With more and more people now working remotely, home offices have become increasingly popular. At High & Dry Renovations, we have carried out many home office conversions, transforming underused spaces like garages and lofts into stylish and functional offices. Read on to discover the many advantages of a home office. 

Advantages of a home office

6 reasons to invest in a home office 

The Covid-19 pandemic led to increasing numbers of people working from home, with nearly half of all people in employment doing some homeworking in April 2020. However, the trend of homeworking began long before coronavirus reared its head. As jobs have become more computer-reliant and technology has continually advanced, working remotely has become a real possibility for thousands of people. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of a home office. 

Increased productivity

Investing in a home office can help improve your productivity levels. This is because a dedicated office space gives you more privacy and peace and quiet, allowing you to better focus on your work. Working at the kitchen table whilst family members are coming in and out of the room doesn’t provide the best working environment. You’re likely to work much more efficiently when you have a home office that’s dedicated to your work-related tasks.  

Better organisation Under stair Offices In Grimsby

One of the biggest advantages of a home office is that you’re likely to become much more organised. At High & Dry, we can customise your office to your needs, adding plenty of storage space for your important files and folders. You can store them neatly on shelves or in cupboards, accessing them quickly whenever you need them. This is far more organised than having them sprawled out on the kitchen table or coffee table where they could easily become damaged by a spilt drink or overzealous children or pets.  

Achieve a professional image 

Achieving a professional image can be difficult when your desk is the kitchen table! So, whether you plan on inviting clients to visit you in person or you’re looking for a smart backdrop for your Zoom calls, it makes sense to invest in a dedicated home office. We can build home offices that are ideal for meetings with business associates, helping you to maintain a professional image. 

Add value to your home

A home office can be a big investment. However, it’s one that is likely to pay off since it can add significant value to your property. It’s possible that it could add as much as 10% to its value, which is a substantial amount. With so many people working remotely, the demand for office space has never been higher, with prospective buyers actively seeking properties with dedicated home offices. Keep in mind that a home office is only likely to add value to your property if it’s constructed by competent professionals using the best quality materials.

No planning permission required

You may be deterred from investing in a home office due to the prospect of having to apply for planning permission. However, the good news is that this is rarely necessary, whether you’re converting an area of your home or constructing a separate office in the garden. This means you can begin the construction process right away and get your new office fully functional as quickly as possible. Since there are a few cases where planning permission will be required for a home office, it’s a good idea to consult with your local planning authority before beginning the building work. This will ensure you’re not breaking any rules and regulations.

Outdoor Garden Office Scunthorpe Customise your office to your needs

You can customise your home office to your exact specifications, creating the perfect space to work. At High & Dry, we’ll work with you to build an office that meets your needs and tastes, making sure the environment is just as you envisaged. From the desk to the storage solutions, you can choose it all. You can really add your own flair to the area, allowing you to create the space you want.

Home offices in Brigg, Grimsby and Scunthorpe 

High & Dry Renovations have been building home offices in Brigg, Grimsby and Scunthorpe for many years. With increasing numbers of people working from home, our services are in high demand. We’ve become well-known for our professional, affordable services, gaining a fantastic reputation throughout the region. We can construct offices of all sizes and specifications, carrying out work to the very highest standards using the best quality materials.   

Since your home office doesn’t need to be huge, this opens up a wide range of possibilities. Even if you think you don’t have sufficient space, chances are that you do. Whilst many people choose to convert garages or lofts into offices or even install an office in their gardens, it’s possible to install one under the stairs in some cases. 

Offices under the stairs are becoming increasingly popular since they take up a minimal amount of space, allowing you to take advantage of this much-underused area within the home. If you’re not sure what type of home office to choose, our team are on hand to assist. We can provide you with all the advice and guidance you need when adding office space to your home.

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