When you are looking at converting your attic space into a livable room you need to think about the style you will be having. Styling your loft conversion and decorating your loft is the final stage of its transformation. How you style your loft may depend on various factors, including how you intend to use the room. Luckily, the experienced team at High & Dry Renovations are fully versed in loft conversion design. Here are our five ways to style your new attic room. 

4 Ways to style your loft conversion:

  1. Children’s room children room

If your new loft conversion is limited on space, it can be the perfect opportunity to make it into a child’s room. 

  • Colour is key in a child’s bedroom. Paint the walls a bright colour, install brightly-coloured blinds and implement colourful furniture
  • Install soft furnishings to keep your child safe. Rounded tables and dressers eliminate sharp corners and prevent accidents
  • Use wallpaper that depicts your child’s interests, like a favourite tv show or character. This will personalise the room and give your child a sense of security
  1. Study Loft Conversion

An attic conversion can be the perfect place to focus your mind and be productive. A focused mind requires a tidy environment with plenty of natural light, and so your attic will need to reflect that. 

  • Remove clutter. Utilise fitted storage space and other areas that are out of sight — such as under the bed
  • Place mirrors around the room strategically to create the illusion of a larger space
  • Large windows are perfect additions to a loft conversion. Skylight windows fit neatly into your roof and invite plenty of natural light into your loft
  • Opt for pale blinds to receive some natural light even when you want privacy. Don’t use blackout blinds as these will block out all-natural light and hamper productivity
  • Minimalist white or pale walls will declutter your mind and help you to focus. If you wish, you could add some inspirational-quote artwork to the walls for motivationteen bedroom
  1. Teen’s room 

Teenagers love their privacy and a bedroom in the loft is one of the most private rooms in the house. Here are a few tips for styling a teenager’s bedroom: 

  • Teenagers often have lots of clothes, and so a dedicated wardrobe space may be a good idea. You could opt for a fitted wardrobe to fill an unorthodox space, or create a walk-in wardrobe by designating a portion of the room to clothes storage
  • Teenagers can often flick between different interests and trends. Keep the wall relatively minimal to allow them to decorate it how they see fit during various phases
  1. Bathroom 

If you’re using your loft space as a bathroom, you’ll want to ensure you consider available space. 

  • Limited head height due to the sloping roof may require you to use a bath instead of a shower. Try placing a bath under a skylight window to make space feel more open while still retaining privacy 
  • Pale colours typically complement a bathroom and evoke a more spacious feel
  • Natural flooring, such as wooden planks are waterproof, making them a great option for bathroom flooring. The brown of the wood also contrasts nicely with pale walls and add a sense of warmth to the bathroom.


So when it comes to styling your loft conversion we are the people to call…High and Dry Renovations provide bespoke home renovations to customers throughout Scunthorpe, Brigg and Grimsby. Our qualified team of specialists offer conversions, extensions and renovations for lofts, kitchens and bathroom, modernising your home and increasing its value. If you’re interested in any of the services we offer and would like to enquire further, get in contact with our team today.