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Woodworm & Dry Rot Treatments

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Woodworm Treatment

The professionals at High & Dry offer the best solutions to woodwork problems, to those throughout Scunthorpe and Grimsby areas of the UK.

Dry Rot Treatment

Dry rot can be equally as damaging as woodworm and if left alone, the problem could escalate and lead to structural damage.

If your timber has been exposed to damp conditions then you may well need treatment for wet rot, rather than dry, and the team here at High & Dry can see to this for you as well.

So if you suspect that any wood in your house might be in need of our special treatment services, then don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can be there to carry out a thorough analysis.

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Furniture Beetle

The Problem

Structural wood can become weak and brittle, which could result in the collapse of the structure itself. This can put occupants of the building at a significant risk of danger. Bore holes are also visible on the surface of the wood and traces of bore dust may surround the area, leaving your property unclean.

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Image of woodworm-and-dry-rot

Watch Beetle

The Problem

This insect can leave your timber weak, making it vulnerable to potential collapse. The main symptoms of this infestation are holes in the timber, bore dust, exposed tunnelling and, in severe cases, fungal decay - all of which can result in structural damage to the property.

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Image of woodworm-and-dry-rot

Wood Boring Beetles

The Problem

Infestations often result in the internal structure of the wood becoming weak, and this is especially noticeable if any force or pressure is applied to it. Other symptoms include holes and grooves on the surface of the timber and sometimes the presence of fungal decay.

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